Fruit dances

Works on paper

After working with well-known contemporary choreographers, RBB has created a group of pastels called Fruits dansés (Fruit dances). This is a new set of works whose line and content reveal the years spent capturing the rhythm of bodies in movement.
She was inspired by heirloom vegetables from the royal vegetable garden of Versailles. There are two interacting rhythms, the drawing and the printing; each responding to the other.
“ But why do people speak of nature morte (dead nature) in French or still life in English ? If you really look at a plant from the roots to the leaves, there is nothing dead or even still in the forms or the colours, there is nothing but life! As with dance.”
She has enriched her poetic repertory at the royal vegetable garden in Versailles (Potager du Roi).



4 original works (30×40)

4 original works (30×40)

4 original works (30×40)
fruit vegetable

Fruit vegetable
4 original works (30×40)

4 original works (30×40)
leaf and flower vegetables

Leaf and Flower vegetables
4 original works (30×40)

6 original works (30×40 or 24×30)
root vegetables

Root vegetables
4 original works (30×40)
bulbs, stalks, seeds and herbs

Bulbs, Stalks, Seeds and Herbs
4 original works (30×40 or 24×30)

Large formats

Large formats
8 original works (64×78, 55×106, 73×54,82×69 ou 85×68)