Exhibition at the Tergnier media library

“Jardins ouvriers, jardins de demain” exhibition, from May 11 to 31, 2024 at the L’Oiseau ‘Lire’ media library in Tergnier, Aisne.

As part of the opening of the seed library at the Tergnier media library in the Aisne department, a day of events entitled ‘From seed to garden’ on 15 May 2024: workshop and conference.

Médiathèque L’Oiseau “Lire”
Place Lionel Lefèvre
02700 Tergnier

Animations "De la graine au jardin" à la médiathèque de Tergnier dans les Hauts-de-France

(Read the report on the seed library on the France 3 website – in French)