Portrait RBB

Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot (RBB) lives and works in France.

The main thread of my work as an artist is the plant, both garden and food.

Interested by the extraordinary diversity of plants, and in particular edible plants, I draw my “Fruits dansés” (Fruit Dances) to restore this wealth so familiar and yet so fragile. Each drawing is like an invitation to celebrate living things but also to become aware that it is now up to us to take care of them. It is up to us to listen to what nature has to say.

Since I started my “Fruits dansés” series ten years ago, this daily journey between the studio and the vegetable garden has never ceased to inspire me. Then I associate the plant of the day with a printed background, from my monotype printing work. Finally, I intervene with my dry pastels.

The drawing on the spot thus succeeds the slow work of superimposing prints and monotypes.

In parallel to my studio drawings, which constitute the main body of my work, I sketch in situ in urban vegetable gardens:

“Le potager du Roi, dessins de saison” (The Royal Vegetable Garden of Versailles, seasons drawings) published by Glénat in 2017.
“Jardiniers des villes, portraits croqués sur le vif” (The City Gardeners, Portraits sketched on the Spot) published by Rue de l’Échiquier in 2020.

My drawings are regularly exhibited in Brittany at the Galerie La Boucherie in Saint-Briac (35800).



  • Salon of drawing and watercolor painting, Paris, France


  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France
  • L’Ecu de France, Viroflay, France


  • Jury Prize, AIVA Salon, Ville d’Avray, France


  • Le Clos des Fées, Paluel, France


  • Shangjin Contemporary art center, China
  • Le Rivau Castle, France


  • Aywiers Abbay, Belgium
  • Textor Gallery, Francfort, Germany


  • Villandry Castle, France


  • Invitation d’artistes, Picardie Regional Council, France


  • Abbay of Léhon, Dinan, France
  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France


  • Gallery d’Hauterives, Brussels, Belgium
  • Art and Paper Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Sevres, France


  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France


  • Cultural center, Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • Association Dess(e)ins, Paris, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Garches, France


  • Seine de Danse, Paris, France
  • Gallery Arteum, Paris, France


  • Auditorium Saint Germain, Paris, France


  • Cultural center, Lublin, Poland


  • Gallery Médiart, Paris , France


  • Contemporary Art Fair, Garches, France


  • Townhall, Villejuif, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Saint-Cloud, France


  • Gallery La Hune, Paris, France
  • Pages, Artist’s Books Fair Paris, France
  • 18th Fine Art Print Fair, Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • The Artist’s Book Biannual, Arras, France
  • Book Lover’s Fair (Bibliophily Fair), Paris, France


  • Creation of the Literary Competition « 16 Figures in Search of an Author »


  • Juin de la Celle Saint-Cloud, France


  • Gallery Quatuor Plus Un, Geneva, Switzerland


2020 : Jardiniers des villes, portraits croqués sur le vif  (The City Gardeners, Portraits  Sketched on the Spot ) published by Rue de L’Echiquier)

2017 : Le Potager du Roi, dessins de saisons à Versailles (The Royal Vegetable  Garden, Seasons’ Drawings of Versailles) published by Glenat

2012 : Publishing of a drawing in Dess(e)ins, published by Herscher

2001 : 16 Figures (16 Dancing Figures), selfpublication

Public collections, Prizes and Fellowships

2021 : Jury Prize, 44th Salon de Printemps for Independent Artists in Ville d’Avray, France
2018 : Artist’s residency in China and Commission of a paintings from the Shangjin’s Art Center
2010 : Dance drawings, Commission by the Hauts de Seine Dance Festival, France
2009 : 16 Figures purchased by the National Center of Danse from Pantin, France
Carnets Bagouet drawings, Commission by the City of Paris
2002 : Prints Art Fair, Prize by the Corot Group, France
1999 : Prize of the City of La Celle Saint Cloud, France
1996 : Artist’s residency and fellowship from the Yvonne Jean Haffen Foudation, France
1995 : Artist’s residency and fellowship from the Laurent Vibert Foudation, France