Portrait RBB

Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot (RBB) lives and works in France.

My professional life revolves around drawing: I began with graphic design in advertising agencies, and soon after, dedicated myself to artistic drawing. Eventually some of my sketches have been the starters of two books which I illustrated and wrote afterwards.

My inspiration comes from two themes; dance and nature.

Between 1996 and 2011, I was inspired by contemporary dance. My work includes 16 Figures my artist’s book, Figures dansées (Dance Figures) and Témoin Danse (Dance Witness), a collection of drawings of some of the greatest contemporary choreographers like Carolyn Carlson and Angelin Preljokaj.

Since 2012 I have found new inspiration in the vegetable garden and have created a set of pastel drawings called Fruits dansés (Fruit Dances).

In 2018, I was invited at an artist’s residency in rural China . I created paintings from my travelbook for the opening of the of the International Art Center in Shangjin.

In 2017, my sketchbook was published by Glénat: Le Potager du Roi de Versailles, dessins de saisons (The Royal Vegetable Garden of Versailles, seasons drawings) and in 2020, my second book was published by Rue d l’Echiquier: Jardiniers des villes, portraits croqués sur le vif (The City Gardeners, Portraits sketched on the Spot).



  • Le Clos des Fées, France


  • Shangjin Contemporary art center, China
  • Le Rivau Castle, France


  • Aywiers Abbay, Belgium
  • Textor Gallery, Francfort, Germany


  • Villandry Castle, France


  • Invitation d’artistes, Picardie Regional Council, France


  • Abbay of Léhon, Dinan, France
  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France


  • Gallery d’Hauterives, Brussels, Belgium
  • Art and Paper Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Sevres, France


  • Gallery La Boucherie, Saint-Briac, France


  • Cultural center, Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • Association Dess(e)ins, Paris, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Garches, France


  • Seine de Danse, Paris, France
  • Gallery Arteum, Paris, France


  • Auditorium Saint Germain, Paris, France


  • Cultural center, Lublin, Poland


  • Gallery Médiart, Paris , France


  • Contemporary Art Fair, Garches, France


  • Townhall, Villejuif, France
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Saint-Cloud, France


  • Gallery La Hune, Paris, France
  • Pages, Artist’s Books Fair Paris, France
  • 18th Fine Art Print Fair, Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • The Artist’s Book Biannual, Arras, France
  • Book Lover’s Fair (Bibliophily Fair), Paris, France


  • Creation of the Literary Competition « 16 Figures in Search of an Author »


  • Juin de la Celle Saint-Cloud, France


  • Gallery Quatuor Plus Un, Geneva, Switzerland


2020 : Jardiniers des villes, portraits croqués sur le vif  (The City Gardeners, Portraits  Sketched on the Spot ) published by Rue de L’Echiquier)

2017 : Le Potager du Roi, dessins de saisons à Versailles (The Royal Vegetable  Garden, Seasons’ Drawings of Versailles) published by Glenat

2012 : Publishing of a drawing in Dess(e)ins, published by Herscher

2001 : 16 Figures (16 Dancing Figures), selfpublication

Public collections, Prizes and Fellowships

2021 : Jury Prize, 44th Salon de Printemps for Independent Artists in Ville d’Avray, France
2018 : Artist’s residency in China and Commission of a paintings from the Shangjin’s Art Center
2010 : Dance drawings, Commission by the Hauts de Seine Dance Festival, France
2009 : 16 Figures purchased by the National Center of Danse from Pantin, France
Carnets Bagouet drawings, Commission by the City of Paris
2002 : Prints Art Fair, Prize by the Corot Group, France
1999 : Prize of the City of La Celle Saint Cloud, France
1996 : Artist’s residency and fellowship from the Yvonne Jean Haffen Foudation, France
1995 : Artist’s residency and fellowship from the Laurent Vibert Foudation, France