City Gardeners, Portraits Sketched On The Spot

RBB : Couverture du livre Jardiniers des villes

The book “City Gardeners, Portraits Sketched On The Spot” (Jardiniers des villes, portraits croqués sur le vif) was inspired by fifty-four sketched portraits of city gardeners filled by vegetable anecdotes, short and poetic texts. Each garden has its own character: either orderly, bucolic, ecological, beginner or, experienced. Through her words and brushstrokes, Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot captures the present moment of the garden, while presenting the richness and diversity of plants. She also highlights the cultivation techniques of the gardeners, reconnecting with ancestral practices, learning about permaculture, and sharing traditions from elsewhere. Whether the urban garden is a place of refuge, or a place of meeting and “doing things together,” the garden remains a unique space for exploring the link between humankind and the earth, even in the city.

City Gardeners, Portraits Sketched On The Spot
Publisher: Rue de l’Échiquier, June 2020
Price: 24.90 euros
Format: 220 x 300 mm
Number of pages: 128