October 5th and 6th  2019

Ateliers Nomades de croquis de Jardins

à Saint Jean de Beauregard
à l’occasion des “Jardins ouverts en Essone ”

Château de Saint-Jean de Beauregard
Rue du Château
91940 Saint-Jean de Beauregard

Tel.: +33 1 60 12 00 01


May 25th and 26th 2019

Ateliers Nomades de croquis de Jardins

au Jardin d’Yvoire
Le Labyrinthe – Jardin des Cinq Sens®
Rue du Lac 74140 YVOIRE

Tel.: +33 4 50 72 88 80


Thursday February 21st 2019 at 8pm

Conférence à la Société d’Horticulture de Rueil-Malmaison ( 92)
sur mon livre ” Le Potager du Roi, dessins de saison à Versailles “

Centre culturel des Mazurieres


Artist’s residency in China in October and November 2018


Sunday September 9th 2018

Castle and gardens of Le Rivau
37120 Lémeré ( France )

tel +33 2 47 95 77 47 /

2018 6 Rivau

from 10 am to 7 pm

at 11am and 3 pm
Workshops in the vegetable garden of the castle


Thursday March 22nd 2018
Exhibition / Signature from 4pm to 7pm
Opening of the new Tectona shop
Avenue Viollier 4
1260 Nyon, Switzerland.


Best wishes for 2018 !

voeux 2018

I wish you a year full of fruits, full of life!

Fruits of Gingko Biloba (“Petit Trianon de Versailles”), Japanese tree which has survived Hiroshima.


Le Potager du Roi

Here is the book of my diary of 3 years in the Royal vegetables garden of Versailles castle (le Potager du Roi)

published by GLENAT (France) on April the 12th 2017.

80% of sketches and notes and “botanical” drawings and 20% of text about history, botanical and agro ecology.

See some of the sketches in the website (Nature).

If you like it and know any english speaking publisher who might be interested, please let me know.



Exhibition in Frankfurt (Germany)

From March 10th to March 18th 2017

Friday March 10th 19-22 pm
Tuesday March 14th 13-20 pm

Thursday March 16 th 19-22 pm

Textor Gallery
Textor Strasse 74
60596 Frankfurt




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Next exhibition

Château et Jardins de Villandry 37510 France
17 km away from Tours ( 10, 5 miles )

from september 24th to november 13th, 2016
Opening saturday the 24th september at 5.30 PM