Dance witness

Works on paper

Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot has placed dance at the heart of her artistic explorations ever since her collaboration with choreographer Serge Ricci for the publication of her limited-edition artist’s book, “16 Figures”.  She extends this experiment by following the creative processes inspired by well known choreographers: Boris Charmatz, Angelin Prejlokaj, Carolyn Carlson, Daniel Dobbels, Annie Vigier and Franck Appertet, Carey Jeffries, Françoise Jasmin, Christian and François Ben Aïm, Nathalie Pernette…   The development of the dancers’ movements articulates that of the artist. This is a familiar process for Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot, who continues to juxtapose notions of the body with intersecting images in a wide variety of techniques and compositions. She witnesses the growing impact of dance in the contemporary art.