The Bear’s garlic

the bear's garlic for bears and gourmets

At the end of the winter , it’s as enchanting as snow, but this carpet of white flowers  of the “ Bear’s Garlic “ will only be visible from about March to May, that brief moment when the spring sun reaches the soil.  Then the plant disappears underground to concentrate its energy for the bulb to grow. This wild plant lives in the fresh and shaded environment. It appreciates the well-drained, light and rich ground . Why does this plant multiply so quickly in large colonies in the wood , in spite of the cold?  It spreads out all over the place for two reasons. On one hand,  the bulbs form bulbils like all the alliaceous family, and on the other hand, its flowers, looking like white little stars,  are carrying hundreds of seeds, which are disseminated by the ants.

This aromatic strong odor repulses the parasites.  Its savor recalls the garlic , in a more subtle way .This is very appreciated by the cooks for the pesto, called “the pesto of the undergrowth”. But also raw and chopped, it is a great addition to salads. So let’s all take a walk in the woods!